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Drug Abuse Treatment uses a progressive phasing of stages to help the drug abuser leave treatment able to continue drug free. Gulf Coast Recovery knows that in our safe environment we can ensure our clients are not being destructive but treatment only lasts so long and the goal of treatment is to live free of drugs for the rest of one’s life, one day at a time.

The first phase is a methodical admissions interview, drug history and evaluation. Give us a call and you will get a sample of what this might be like. Like any effective solution we have to diagnose the complete problem so we know we are on the right track. The next phase is the treatment plan which addresses the particular circumstances of each client. Often physical detoxification takes a few days so that the mind and body can clear and clients are able to rest more during this period. Otherwise the active phase of treatment consists in part of counseling sessions held both individually and in groups.

The treatment plans call for focused writing on behavior patterns and uncovering triggers of drug use. Our clients are held responsible for assigned tasks and are expected adhere to the structure of the program for successful transitioning into society.

Gulf Coast Recovery takes pride in treating clients with respect and providing facilities across the country that adhere to our strict standards of comfort and safety. For example our facilities in the resort town of Treasure Island, Florida are located beachside with many services like gym membership and yoga included as a part of treatment. It really is the best place to recover from drug abuse so we help you will call us right now.

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