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Is Drug Abuse Treatment expensive?

Much cheaper than drugs and medical bills but we understand that many people are under the impression that so-called celebrity rehabs are $30,000 per month and very exclusive. The reality is that although they are not as exclusive as you might think some programs are indeed that expensive.

Gulf Coast Recovery however does not charge these high prices. We believe effective treatment should be affordable and offer a wide range of programs to suit our clients. Becoming drug free is not just something that can be purchased; it must be worked for and earned. The true value of Gulf Coast Recovery is that skilled counselors, the right environment and a proven treatment plan do make drug abuse treatment much more effective than trying to stop on your own and other alternatives to treatment.

What if my loved one doesn’t know I’m seeking help for him/her?

Gulf Coast Recovery offers intervention services for just this reason. Interventions are mediations involving the drug user and his or her family, friends and even coworkers if necessary. The goal of interventions is to direct the drug user to treatment to immediately put a halt to the self-destructive cycle of drug abuse. If you need help with a loved one call us today to learn how you can make a difference and influence the recovery of another. Interventions do work!

How will Drug Abuse Treatment help with a DUI or drug related legal offence?

Gulf Coast Recovery often receives referrals from lawyers whose clients are in trouble with the law and are seeking a pre-emptive strike to mandated counseling. It is quite commonplace for judges to give offenders the choice between jail and drug abuse treatment. Many lawyers feel it is highly beneficial to demonstrate to the court the willingness to receive help by attending treatment even before the court ruling.

Gulf Coast Recovery can inform the court of treatment attendance while preserving the absolute confidentiality of an individual’s program.

What if I don’t have time to go to Drug Abuse Treatment?

There is no better time spent than on building conscious awareness of problems that can overwhelm your life. Drug abuse and addiction is a progressive disease that will consume all activities and relationships if left untreated. Time is wasted on seeking, obtaining and using drugs to the detriment of family, friends and work.

The weeks or months spent at Gulf Coast Recovery will create a clean foundation for the rest of your life and we know that it is time well spent.

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