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Whether drugs are bought off the street or prescribed by your doctor, addiction can be an all-consuming habit that controls your life and everything in it—including your family and friends.

  • Do you believe you might have a drug addiction problem?
  • Have family/friends/co-workers expressed concern about your use of drugs?
  • Have you ever missed work/appointments because of drug use?

Drug addiction/abuse can create cravings as strong as the need for food and water. Substance abuse can take over your entire life, causing the need for drugs or alcohol to feel overwhelming and undeniable.

Drug abuse is a serious issue that plagues some people in our society. Not only can it affect you but also people around you. It is an addiction that affects daily life and causes many other different complications. Someone experiencing a drug addiction/abuse problem has probably experienced three of the following symptoms during a twelve-month period of time:

  • One consumes drugs/alcohol in larger amounts or over a longer period of time
  • One experiences the persistent desire to cut down on drug use
  • One has made unsuccessful efforts to control drug abuse
  • One spend a great deal of time “attempting to treat” drug addiction
  • One reduces important social, occupational or recreational activities
  • One continues drug abuse despite knowledge of having a persistent or recurrent problem caused by the use of the substance
  • One experiences and increase in tolerance for the drug
  • One experiences withdrawal symptoms if he/she discontinues the use of drugs

Drug abuse can adversely affect your home, work and family life. Becoming dependant on a drug can lead to missing work and can easily destroy stable families. Drug abuse can also cause a shortening your life span and serious diseases to major organs in the body leading to eventual death.

Remember—you are not alone! One cannot cure a disease without proper medical attention. We can provide you or your loved one with the attention they need to help them deal with this serious issue. If you suspect that you or a loved one is suffering from drug abuse, please contact us.

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